Monday, July 6, 2015

Cinque Terre, Italy

No trip to Ligure is complete without a stop in Cinque Terre. If you're staying someplace else, you might only have a day, but it's worth the effort to see a few of the 5 villages at least. We took the train south from Santa Margherita one hour to reach the southern most town, Riomaggiore, shown in the first 4 photographs, the last one being from the boat that took us to Vernazza. On the way, we also got a glimpse of Manarola but didn't stop. Vernazza is my favorite of the towns. I don't know why exactly, but I find it the most photogenic. Have a great time there Maguires!

Portofino, Italy

While the Maguires are in Santa Margherita, a must-see spot is Portofino, a 15 minute bus ride north. A hike up to see Castello Brown is worth the effort as the view of Portofino and environs is spectacular. One can see all the way to Santa Margherita and well beyond. Back in town, you can see, be seen, and be seen eating if the mood strikes. The next photos are views of the harbor with Castello Brown in the background. It's also great at night for dinner