Friday, November 1, 2013

Saint Louis 2013 Abstracts

Last Friday, I flew to Saint Louis, Missouri, for the third and fourth games of the 2013 World Series between the Saint Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox. After taking the train into Saint Louis from my hotel near the airport, I had a couple of hours to kill before my friend Mark O'Brien arrived and our hotel room was ready. So, I walked a couple of blocks to the Gateway Arch, the symbol of the city and the "gateway" to the West. Once upon a time, Saint Louis was the westernmost city in the major leagues, pre-expansion to the west coast. Today it is home to arguably the most loyal and fanatical, not to mention knowledgeable, fans in the United States. While the city itself does not offer the sophisticated world traveler much in the way of must-see attractions, Midwesterners are among the nicest and most hospitable people one can find. The Arch is an architectural wonder, and one can take a rather cramped car up to the top to see far into both Missouri to the west and Illinois to the east. Not that there's much to see, mind you. Our hotel room on the ninth floor also offered a nice view of the arch, and it is clearly visible from downtown Busch Stadium. The arch changes colors depending on the time of day and direction of the sun. I took the golden-colored shot from the stadium, and the second shot from my hotel room. Shot number four is a golden hour snap of a building across the street from the stadium.

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