Saturday, February 8, 2014

Graham Parker and the Rumour Down the Years

Ever since the first time I heard Graham Parker and the Rumour, probably on KSAN in San Francisco, I was hooked. Recently, I bought a dedicated film scanner to replace my dead one and set out to scan some decades-old slides. Even though it's a flat-bed model, it runs rings around my old Canon model which took forever to complete the same task my new Epson is doing in a third of the time. These photographs are from three shows, The Old Waldorf in 1979 when Parker was at the height of his career, the Savoy Hotel in 1976 when I saw him for the first time, and Winterland in 1977 when he opened for Thin Lizzy. The photos were taken with the Nikon FM 2 and a lens I can't remember. Kodak Ectachrome 400 slide film, if I recall.

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