Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Rolling Stones, The Cow Palace, Daly City, July 16th, 1975

The Rolling Stones came to the Cow Palace, a giant barn used to host horse shows and various conventions, for two nights in the middle of July way back in 1975, about 39 years ago! Yikes! So, with my new Epson scanner, I decided to re-visit these slides, which have held up very well considering. The only thing I remember is that I was using a Nikon FM and a 300mm fixed-focal Vivitar lens, a very slow and heavy one at that.

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  1. Nice pics. I'm working on a lo-fi video for a song of mine about seeing shows in the Bay Area. 70's. I was at this show and I wondered if I could possibly use one of your pics in my video. You don't by chance have pics of Bowie at the Oakland Coliseum do you?