Wednesday, December 24, 2014

San Francisco Getaway part 2

Without too much research, finding a great dining experience in San Francisco is not difficult. We started with lunch at Puccini and Pinetti where I enjoyed simple spaghetti and meatballs done perfectly. For dinner we walked about a half hour to Town Hall for our 8 pm reservation. We were able to be seated immediately at to a good start. Drinks were ordered but took more than a half hour to arrive as our waitress was much too busy working the wine-tasting table next to ours to bother too much with us. Josh ordered three appetizers which took another 30 minutes to reach our table. Strike 2! When dinner finally appeared, it was outstanding! I had the fried chicken but couldn't finish the sides because we had stuffed ourselves with the appetizers and bread because of the long wait.We still managed to have an enjoyable evening despite the service issues. If I could only get that fried chicken somewhere closer to home with great service! Breakfast the next morning was another good experience. Lori's was just up the block from the hotel, past the restaurant with a half hour or more line in front. It's an old San Francisco diner, just the ticket before our drive back down the peninsula. Very cool interior without seeming to try to hard.

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