Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Maguires' European Vacation Part 3

After Venice, the Maguires' next stop is the beautiful resort town of Santa Margherita Ligure on the Italian Riviera. It is a very old-fashioned resort and never seems over-run by tourists. While the beaches are pebbly, not sand, the water is warm. My suggestions for my friends include having a gelato al fresco with Hannah in town, stopping for a Spritz and getting enough food you may not want to go out for dinner, and getting up in the morning to watch the fishermen bring in their catch and repair their nets. My favorite time of day in Santa Margherita is the evening when families take their daily passiegetta, Parents, grandparents, and children are out in force walking aimlessly enjoying themselves. Santa Margherita is also the gateway to Cinque Terre to the south, Portofino 15 minutes by city bus to the north, and Camogli one stop and 5 minutes on the train north.

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