Sunday, June 15, 2014

Way Back in the Day

I'm still having fun with my new Epson scanner, pulling out old slides and trying to restore them to some semblance of goodness. The top photograph is from '96 or '97 at Stanford University where I am pictured with two of my former players, John Gall and Eric Byrnes, both of whom went on to play Major League baseball. Next a shot of my work crew up in Anchorage where we gathered each morning the team was in town to clean the ballpark after the previous night's game. This is from 1990. Really a terrific group of players and nice guys. In the middle is yours truly with the great Washington Redskins coach, George Allen, whom I met on an Alaskan cruise in 1982. We'd meet up on deck in the morning and take a walk around the ship, chatting about all sorts of subjects, not just sports. A most remarkable man. Really going back now to 1967 when I was a sophomore at Santa Clara University posing happily before a game against who knows who. At the bottom is one of my favorite pictures of my son Jason, taken when we dropped him off at summer camp at Cloverleaf Ranch. Happy birthday Jason!

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