Sunday, January 5, 2014

Classic Albums on Vinyl # 5

Today's pick can truly be called a classic album. Released in 1970, "Alone Together" by Dave Mason, a former member of Traffic, became an instant collector's item because of the vinyl coloring which looked very psychedelic spinning around on the turntable. The sleeve also folds out to 36 inches high and is suitable for hanging on a wall. Blue Thumb Records even included a nail hole at the top. It didn't hurt that it was also the finest hour of this talented musician, a height he never reached again, although his popularity in the mid 70's was no measure of the work he was putting out. (Popularity high-musical output mediocre). For me, the album holds up beautifully today, filled with great songs, singing, and guitar playing. A desert island disc for sure. Photographs taken with the Sony RX 100.

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