Saturday, January 11, 2014

Venice at Night 2013

At night, Venice comes alive in a way that doesn't happen during the day. Despite the hoardes of tourists, the warm evenings invite strolling and people watching. The main tourist attractions are great for photography. In other words, watching people who have to leave soon scramble to get the last ounce of Veniceness they can before heading back to the cruise ship or wending their way to the car or bus park. I took the top four photographs with the Sony RX 100, a completely pocketable little camera that works well in low light and is unobtrusive to the max. The bottom photograph was taken with the Sony NEX 5n and the Sony 10-18 wide angle lens on a tripod. I was on the Rialto Bridge, fighting for a position to take the shots and keep people from bumping into me and the camera. I was only partially successful as many of the shots were blurry. At 30 second exposures, there is a good chance somebody will find a way to ruin the shot. That's the price you pay for going to Venice in the summer.

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