Monday, June 9, 2014

Stephen Strasburg at Santa Clara

Since Stephen Strasburg is pitching today for the Washington Nationals, I was reminded of a couple of times he made an appearance at Schott Stadium at Santa Clara University. At top, he pitched for San Diego State against the Broncos, drawing the largest crowd in memory to see the consensus number one pick in the 2009 MLB player draft. I took this photo on a rainy night from the box next to the pressbox using the Tokina 11-16 wide-angle on my Nikon D300. There were dozens of scouts there, their radar guns rising up every time he unleashed a pitch. The first time I got the chance to see him throw was during the USA Olympic Team workout at Santa Clara, though I didn't know who I was watching at the time. I had just finished chatting with Mike Zirelli, the Santa Clara pitching coach, sitting to the left, who excused himself to get a better look at Strasburg. The look in Strasburg's eyes as he delivers a pitch is somewhat haunting, I think.

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