Friday, June 6, 2014


Last week, my wife and I and some friends attended the Northern California CIF Volleyball Championship match between Saint Francis High School and Mountain View High School in Dublin, CA. I wanted to get some photographs for my friends Mike and Jonah who coach Saint Francis. It's a much more exciting game to photograph than football or baseball because of the access to the court and the non-stop action and athleticism of the players. I used two cameras and two lenses, the Sony A7 with the Sony 10-16 wide-angle, and the Sony NEX 7 with the 18-200 Tamron lens. On the full-frame 24 megapixel Sony A7, you get only 10 megapixels when you use the 10-16 lens because it's meant for APSC sensors, but it does the job. I sat at courtside with the camera held low to the floor and used the tilting screen as my viewfinder with my thumb at the shutter. My only regret is not going up to a slighty faster shutter speed, but I like the results nonetheless.

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