Thursday, September 4, 2014

Farmland LP

This past weekend, the last one in August, Margaret and I delivered our grandsons to my son Jason's farm in Brentwood, California. We got the full tour of the land that he and his company, Farmland LP, had purchased to go along with the land in Corvallis, Oregon, they were already working. The third photograph shows the house that his land manager lives in and runs the farm from. There are carriages from at least a hundred years ago rotting away in the basement of the house on the right that hasn't been restored yet. The house that has been restored is, despite being in the middle of nowhere, well-appointed and comfortable. There's also a former labor camp that Jason and the company are trying to figure out what to do with. Above the photographs of the camp are pictures of the now defunct asparagus processing plant. The metal containers are asparagus sizers. Below that is the "peligro" warning workers not to get their fingers caught in the machinery. Thanks...I'll be careful. Jason is in photograph number four, out standing in one of his fields!

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