Monday, September 22, 2014

Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris

This oasis in the heart of the Left Bank covers 60 acres and is the most popular park in Paris. The centerpiece is the Palais du Luxembourg, the current home of the French Senate. Since the revolution, the palace has been used as a prison, and in WW11 it was the headquarters of the Luftwaffe. It was built in the style of the Pitti Palace in Florence to remind Marie de Medici of her native city. It's always great to walk off the busy streets of Paris and into the gardens, even if only to take a break from all the walking and sit for a few minutes. At bottom is my friend Dudley with whom I had about a seven hour walk that day. He is looking at my favorite part of the gardens, the fence which surrounds the entire 60 acres and which is usually home to fantastic photographic exhibits. The photos are hung on huge metal plates, weather-proof and, hopefully, vandal proof.

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