Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's Creepy In Here!

Once inside the prison, we set about jostling for position, setting up tripods, checking our settings, and making sure we had flashlights at the ready. The operating room picture in the middle was especially challenging. I took it while sweeping my flashlight over the table, the floor, and the cabinet. It took a few tries to get something I was halfway satisfied with. The room was otherwise pitch dark. The photograph second from bottom was also in darkness but the magic of Photoshop came to the rescue. Above the operating room I caught our ranger's shadow on the wall before he jumped out of the way. The graffiti on the wall is a remnant of the Indian occupation of Alcatraz years ago. All of these photographs were taken on a tripod at 30 seconds, ISO 100 with an Fstop of about 11. Unlike landscape photography, I didn't need exceptional depth-of-field in the enclosed areas. 

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