Saturday, October 11, 2014

Justin Currie at the Chapel, San Francisco, October 9th, 2014

The Chapel has to be one of the premier music venues in the Bay Area. It's relatively small capacity, a little over 200, probably hurts it as far as drawing more top tier acts, but that certainly makes it attractive to the fans of the acts it does bring in. There's folding chair seating in the front, and tables along the side and in the back. It really makes no difference where you sit, or stand. The sight lines and sound are first rate. There's even a balcony with a bar and couches and tables. The Chapel is a converted mortuary, not a church as I first thought. Justin Currie doesn't have a legion of fans in the United States, and the Scottish fellow sitting in front of me was surprised that someone like me knew so much about him. What fans he does have here do border on the fanatical. He hasn't toured in the States as a solo before, so this was a great treat for George and me. A wonderful hour and a half of music!

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