Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rock and Roll in the 70's Part 2

I didn't always go to clubs to see music in the 70's. Often accompanied by my friend Dana Jang, a disc jockey and music director at two of San Jose's main rock stations, we saw countless shows in every imaginable venue in the Bay Area. Usually the deal was, "You drive, I've got the tickets." This was a cozy arrangement because Dana's tickets were always good, often with backstage passes included. We (I should say he) often got to schmooze with the talent as well. I stood by watching the interactions, sometimes getting introduced, sometimes just a bystander trying to stay under the radar. At the top is Elton John at the Oakland-Alameda Coliseum in October of 1975. This is a large basketball arena not conducive to great photography unless I was with Dana. Below Elton is George Harrison with guitarist Robben Ford and Jim Horn on horns, also at the Oakland Coliseum in November of 1975. Great band, lackluster performance by George who was suffering from throat issues throughout the much-maligned tour. Next up is Steve Miller at one of Bill Graham's Days on the Green extravaganzas, almost always held at the outdoors at the Oakland Stadium next door to the Coliseum. This is where the A's and the Raiders still play. We had backstage passes and sat in the bleachers behind the stage with the bands playing with their backs to us. I told Steve to turn around so I could get a shot. Roger Daltrey and the Who came to town in March of 1976 to play Winterland, a great venue for photography because you could roam freely around. For this shot I went into the balcony behind the stage for a few songs. Last is Rod Stewart, back when he was great. This is in March of 1976 at Spartan Stadium in San Jose, a show which also included Peter Frampton and other bands I can't remember. For this show, I was in the photographer's pit in front of the stage, thanks to Dana.

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