Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rock and Roll in the 70's

Over Christmas vacation, while my wife was in El Salvador, I dug out a large box from the garage and found a cache of little yellow Kodak slide boxes I hadn't looked at in years. It turned out I had photographed bands and individual performers I had forgotten I ever saw! Talk about feeling old! The ones above I actually do remember seeing, thank God. So began hours of scanning and Photoshopping. At the top is Gary Busey and the late Paul Butterfield at the Old Waldorf, a now-defunct nightclub in the Financial District in San Francisco in February of 1978. I think Busey was riding the coattails of the Buddy Holly Story. The late, great Rick Danko of the Band was also along for the ride on this tour. Next up is one of my favorites, Elvis Costello at the Berkeley Community
Theater in February of 1979. Below Elvis is Ian Hunter at the Old Waldorf, also in February of 1979. Hunter was the lead singer and songwriter of the British group Mott the Hoople. He also played the Fillmore last night. Still going strong apparently. The fourth photograph is the beautiful Emmylou Harris at the Boarding House in downtown San Francisco, the most intimate of the clubs but also the one with the worst lighting by a wide margin. Mostly red with an occasional yellow thrown in for variety. Emmylou had a powerhouse band with her, and in this shot is the excellent British guitarist Albert Lee. This show was in November of 1977.

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