Thursday, November 15, 2012

Alaska and Hawaii in Black and White

The top picture was taken at 11:00 at night outside Anchorage, Alaska, near Big Lake in 2007. This is about a half hour ride from Sara Palin's place though we didn't stop by for a visit. We had just finished water-skiing and were getting warm when I saw the clouds. I only had my Panasonic DMC LX1, but what's the best camera? The one you have with you. I love Alaska! However, I love Hawaii more. This is on the Big Island on the Kona Coast. A total cliche, to be sure, but I like it anyhow. Rule of thirds with the sky and the water. Sun and tree nicely placed. An odd number of people in the silhouette. I read somewhere that an odd number of people is more pleasing than an even number. I don't know why, but I agree. The top picture is more evenly split between the sky and the lake, but if I had gone higher with the composition, I would have lost the flowers on the left side. Nikon D90, 18-200 Nikkor at 100 iso, 2008.

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