Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bikes and a Brit

Three of these photographs are linked by a rather obvious theme. Bicycles and horses are the most common way for folks to get around Trinidad, far outnumbering cars. The streets are  rocky and cobblestoned so seeing Trinidadians repairing tires is a common sight. The bottom picture is of my good friend Nigel, the chap   who encouraged me to start a blog and then proceeded to get it up and running for me. He is incredibly generous with his time and expertise. Here, he is waiting on the corner for our wives to come out of a store. It's very hot and steamy, we've been out walking around for about 4 hours, and we (I mean Nigel and I) want to get back to the hotel. Good luck with that! All photos taken with the Sony NEX 7.

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