Sunday, November 4, 2012

Havana Walkabout 2012

In Cuba, I am always interested in observing people going about their business. On an early Sunday morning, I got up early, walked outside my hotel, and found a young man with a pedi-cab waiting for a fare. I asked him to drive me around Old Havana for about an hour and a half. He wanted 10 CUCs, about 10 dollars. What a deal! He took me to places I might have not gone into had I not been with a local, and I saved a great deal of time and covered much more ground than had I been on foot. On another day, we arranged for a photography professor at the University of Havana to take all six of us on a walking tour. Because of the dire state of the Cuban economy, there is unemployment, not to mention the lack of incentive to work hard, so one sees Cubans congregating, lolling about, doing lots of waiting, and sort of idling away the day. Top three taken with the Sony NEX 7, bottom NEX 5n.

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