Monday, June 24, 2013

Back To Italy

Back to Italy! Yes, tomorrow morning we're off to Istanbul first and then Italy. We'll only be revisiting one of these locations on this trip, Venice, but I have great memories of our first adults-only trip WAY back in 2001. I love looking at film images, if only to remind myself of the startling difference between film and digital. Top, driving into Amalfi on the treacherous winding road that elicited audible gasps whenever we turned a corner, and not because of the view. Skip to Rome and a typical cafe scene. I broke a photographic "rule" by having a group of people exiting a scene instead of giving them some room to breathe, as it were. Kind of a stupid rule. Back to the bus approaching Amalfi. That's me taking a shot of the mirror. Next, we're in Rome again, next to the Spanish Steps. This is one of my favorite pictures, but I wish I had been a bit more patient. There are some elements in the frame, or not in the frame, I don't care for. On the left, I don't like the guy in the red shirt. On the right, I didn't get enough of the punk rocker, the most interesting guy in the bunch. I think that these guys standing in bored postures in front of Babington's Tea Rooms is hilarious as well as incongruous. Next is another cafe scene in Venice in an out-of-the-way piazza devoid of tourists. The last two are in Amalfi. It'll be nice to have some new photographs to work on.

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