Tuesday, June 4, 2013

On the set of "The Middle"

Two years ago, my brother Curtiss invited me to fly down to LA to spend a day on set with him. At the time he was working on the show, "The Middle" as gaffer and chief lighting technician. He currently is the gaffer on "New Girl." I had a great time except for the long periods of absolute tedium waiting for the next shot to get set up and actually filmed. During the approximately 10 hours I spent on the set, probably less than an hour was actual filming. I did get to eat breakfast and lunch at the commissary with my brother and three members of the cast, including my favorite, Atticus Shaffer. That's me and Atticus at the bottom. Really a nice kid and exceptionally bright. My brother is in the second shot pointing out one of his lighting creations. The third shot is the living room of the Heck family, and above me and Atticus are the trailers where the actors hang out between takes. Atticus drives in every day with his mother and arrives about 6 am. He has a full-time tutor/minder to make sure he gets his education as well as to keep tabs on how many hours he works a day. There are strict laws governing the length of time a young actor can work. I'm still a big fan of the show even though my brother has moved on to greener pastures. All pictures taken with the Canon G9.

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