Monday, June 10, 2013

Cuba Ten Years Ago

I enjoy going back to old photographs and re-processing them with the newest software, trying to squeeze out whatever I can that I didn't have the skill or equipment for at the time. These are ten-year-old photos that I took with the Nikon 5700, a 5 megapixel zoom that was okay for its time, but not much better than a camera phone today. Distortion correction in Photoshop is a lifesaver, and the NIK suite of filters is indispensible for me. The lady at the top in Trinidad was beautiful and gracious, the boy was just sitting there as I walked off the bus for our all-too-short excursion to Trinidad, and the guy at the bottom is well-known in Trinidad. I've seen his picture all over the place in photography books and photo essays of Cuba. To get the portrait of the groundskeepers in Latinoamericano Stadium in Havana, I gave them some tee-shirts and hats and asked them to stop picking pieces of grass and weeds out of the infield. They gathered briefly for me, and I at least had the presence of mind to use a flash. 

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