Saturday, July 27, 2013

Framing Devices Venice

I am always looking for framing devices: round, square, oblong, rectangular, oddly shaped, horizontal, doesn't really matter as long as the subject has something to shape it in the foreground. The tough part is getting it right in Photoshop. None of these shapes looks exactly like this before processing. They are often off-center, curved, or non-parallel either horizontally or vertically. It helps if the viewer is not distracted by poor alignment of the frames, and it takes a while to get them straightened out. I have a difficult time, despite the grid in my viewfinder, of getting verticals to be vertical. I always have to fix them, somewhat radically at times. There's also the problem of the lenses having all kinds of aberration. If the lens is pointed up where the sensor is not flat to the subject, there are going to be distortion problems. While I enjoy working in Photoshop, five or six hours a day after returning from a trip can get very tedious. Cameras used for these shots were the Sony NEX 7 and the Sony RX 100.

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