Sunday, July 28, 2013

Reflecting on Italy

Yes, of course it was intended. Anyhow, I have consciously looked for reflections the past ten years or so. Before that, I just never looked down or spent enough time looking slowly at a scene. In Venice, I would get up early, before sunrise, and just wander for an hour or so before the cruise ships emptied their passengers to clog the main artery that runs between Saint Mark's Square and the Rialto Bridge. Since many of these people are afraid of getting lost and so stay on the same path everyone else does, just wandering off a bit pretty much removes you from the crowds. What  I wonder is, how can you get lost on an island? I splurged and hired a water taxi/speed boat from the airport for an outrageous price, and the second photograph is our driver wending his way through the canals to our hotel. The fourth photograph is an art exhibit erected for the Venice Bienalle. At the bottom, a reflection of gondolas in the "parking lot" next to our hotel, just steps from Saint Mark's Square. Average hotel, great location.

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