Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day Trips From Santa Margherita: Cinque Terre

The other direction from Camogli, south this time, is Cinque Terre. It's an hour by train to the bottom-most town, Riomaggiore.. The top two photographs were taken there as we walked to the boat to Vernazza. You're welcome, Nigel. For some reason, an attack of the vapors came over both of us and we decided to skip the next town, Manarola, and continue on to Vernazza, where the rest of the photographs were taken. The climb to the vantage point overlooking Vernazza is arduous, especially after the vapors, but a refreshing dip in the harbor worked wonders when we got down. Brightly colored umbrellas fill the main piazza where diners have a choice of a number of restaurants, all seemingly interchangeable. The group of day-trippers in the next to last photo are eating a bit more cheaply with local deli take out. From here we hopped on the train north and back to home base.

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