Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day Trip From Santa Margherita: Portofino

Although Portofino is actually closer to Santa Margherita than Camogli, it takes longer to get to. One has four options to get there: cab, bus, boat, or walking. The cab ride is ridiculously expensive even though it's only ten minutes. Something like fifty dollars. The bus is easiest and that's what I did. The boat is fun too, but just takes longer. This exclusive fishing village features some of the most expensive yachts in Europe tied up at the dock or anchored a little farther out. When Margaret and I took the bus in for dinner one evening, there was a meeting of all the yacht owners in the small town square. It was all air kisses and, "Dahling, really!" Guys wearing loafers and no socks, the women impossibly thin and bronzed. Even so, it's a stunning visual feast, especially for a photographer. The two shots from above were taken from Castello Brown, which sits on a hill a twenty minute uphill trek away. The bottom panorama shows how the little bay leads off to the right towards Santa Margherita. Next, the walk back.

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