Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Colors of Burano

Obviously, if you're a black and white aficionado, these will not be to your taste. As should be just as obvious, I love color, and there's no place on earth with as much color as Burano. I've tried to keep the laundry to a minimum, but there's no escaping it here. All the tourists who make the trip out to this rather secluded island keep, for the most part, to the main street where the restaurants are. You can mosey around the back streets to your heart's content and see almost no one. I saw no other photographers and only a smattering of the residents. There don't seem to be any hotels in Burano. Maybe there are rooms to rent in private homes, but I didn't see any advertised. 

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  1. Well, I am a black & white aficionado - and I am blown away! I was on Burano on a gray and dull day in february and thought it was a very colourful place. Had I only had the chance to see end experience it in sunshine ... These are great shots - everyone single one of them!
    Cheers, Norbert.