Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sir, Your Camel is Waiting

In planning our trip to Morocco, there was one thing my wife, Margaret, insisted on: a camel ride in the Sahara. And so, after a nine hour drive from Fes, another hour by four wheel drive to the staging area hotel, and a fifteen minute drive to where the camels were awaiting our arrival, we saddled up, sort of, and rode the beasts an hour into the desert and to our encampment. The photographs are in chronological order, beginning with the drive out to the hotel (not much to see), chairs sitting outside the hotel at the edge of the desert, the waiting camels, the ride itself, two photos of the camp which was luxurious and included a toilet and shower in each room, sunrise at 4:45 am after the 4 am wake-up, and finally the ride back to the hotel where we had breakfast. Our camel driver/cook was knackered! It was the first day of Ramadan and he was thirsty and very, very hungry. An hour on the back of a camel is more than enough. It was an interesting and enjoyable experience despite the soreness after de-cameling. 

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