Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Louvre at Night

I was seriously doubting my decision to lug my tripod around Morocco, where I used it one time, until we got to Paris. Our hotel was about a three minute walk from the Louvre so I was able to go over there at night to do some photography. Even after ten at night, there are still other tourists hanging around. Fortunately, at a shutter speeds of 30 seconds, anyone who isn't perfectly still either disappears altogether or becomes a ghostly blur. People walking by are not a problem unless they stand directly in front of the camera while the exposure is being made. That happened a few times. Except for the vertical photograph in the middle, which was taken another day with the Sony RX 100 III, the shots were taken with the Sony A7 full-frame camera with the Sony 10-18 wide angle lens. I haven't spent a lot of time actually in the Louvre, but I never get tired of the Pyramid by I. M. Pei, from all angles.

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