Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Granada: People-Watching and Eating

Two of my favorite travel activities; people-watching and eating. I'm usually somewhat stealthy about photographing people, using a telephoto lens in the 200-300 mm range. I'm not so shy about photographing food and restaurants. We were tipped off to La Bella y La Bestia (the Beauty and the Beast) as being a tapas bar where you could get an enormous amount of food free with your drink. The tip proved correct as should be evident from the last two photographs. We ordered 2 beers and 2 sangrias and then out came the food! Hamburgers, chips, and olives first, and then bagels with cheese and ham, served with more chips and croquettes. We ordered another drink but told the waiter we were stuffed and please not to bring more food. Amazing place.

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