Saturday, September 19, 2015

Seville, Spain 2015

No particular theme here, just some shots I like. At the top is the lobby of our hotel, the Hotel Palacio de Villapanes. Beautiful rooms and excellent service. It was a joy to come back here in the afternoon after a hot day walking around the city. Below that is a city bus with a Cruz Campo advert for the Radler, a beer-lemonade drink which I tried for the first time in Spain. Perfect for the hot days and nights. Next are two shots taken in the Triana district across the river from central Seville. While waiting to get into the Alcazar, we watched tourists from Asia stand in line to take pictures with a bride and groom there for wedding photographs. They seemed to be from one family and why they wanted pictures with the bride is beyond me, but the happy couple was gracious about it. Second from bottom is the lobby of the Alfonso XIII Hotel, a beautiful and luxurious hotel in central Seville. We often go into fancy hotels to see how the one per cent live. They usually have excellent architectural detail so I like them from that point of view as well. Finally, we read about the EME Catedral Hotel in Rick Steves' guidebook. He said the rooftop bar was worth the expense of one drink, so up we went! Great 15 euro Negroni. That's the cathedral in the background of the very cool lamps that hang in the bar.

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