Thursday, September 24, 2015

Granada, Spain

The final stop on our Spain tour was Granada, mostly famous for the Alhambra, the Moorish Royal Palace, When we arrived at the bus station and told our taxi driver the name of our hotel, he gave a low whistle and said in Spanish, "Nice place. Bob Dylan just stayed there last week." We had been following Bob Dylan for two weeks, never catching up with him unfortunately. The Alhambra Palace Hotel sits on a steep hill above the city only a short hop to the Alhambra itself. It is a beautiful place with large rooms and a fantastic lobby. There's a bar that sits on the outside of the hotel overlooking the city below. That's the view in the second photograph from the bottom. The bottom photograph was taken from the Alhambra looking back at the hotel and valley below. The Alhambra, while a very worthwhile visit, wasn't the only attraction in Granada.

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