Monday, August 4, 2014

Riads in Morocco Part 1

The top two photographs are of the Riad we stayed in in Fes. To make the number of photos odd, I've included the hotel in Ouarzazate at bottom. The literal translation of "riad" is "garden." But it has come to mean any old house that has a patio or courtyard. These houses are found in the medinas, typical Arab towns enclosed by ramparts. Riads offer a much more personal experience, as the owners are almost always on the property, ready to help with any problem. I can't remember the name of the riad in Fes. We were the only people staying there and it was eerily quiet. The small pool is visible in the middle photo, just through the door. This riad had a covered courtyard where we had breakfast. Dinner was available but expensive and limited, so we ate in the medina, where Dudley and I both got food poisoning. Not fun when you're traveling. In all three of the riads we stayed, the rooms were huge and luxurious, great places to get back to after the heat and chaos of the medina and the souks.

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