Sunday, August 17, 2014

So, What Did You Eat In Morocco?

Everyone I have talked to about our trip to Morocco has asked me the same question: What did you eat? When I said that the food was uniformly outstanding, there was often a response like, "Oh, really?" I was asked the same question about our trips to Turkey, Cuba, Southeast Asia, and other places my friends sometimes can't believe we would ever want to go to. No one asks about Italy or France or Spain. I suppose it's somewhat understandable, but all cultures have sophisticated cuisines, and most would please the American palate. We ate lots of vegetables, with the Moroccan salad a menu item everywhere and truly delicious. Kebabs, fresh fish, rice, lentils, beans, tomatoes, lamb, and fries just as good as at Macdonalds were some other ingredients and dishes we enjoyed. Mint tea is ubiquitous, always served to us when we checked in at a Riad or hotel, and always on the menu. A specialty in Marrakech, for example, was freshly squeezed orange juice. Moroccans love orange juice. All photos taken with the SonyRX 100 III, my go-to restaurant camera.

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