Monday, August 4, 2014

Riads in Morocco Part 3

Our final riad was in our final stop in Marrakech. We were almost the only people in the place except for a French family of three persons. It's called Demeures d'Orient and, like both the other riads, almost impossible to find if you didn't know exactly where to look. Signage outside any riad is almost non-existent. This one our guide Najib drove up to, but both in Fes and Essaouira there was some walking to do to get there. The rooms were beautiful. Dudley, by this point, was almost over the embarrassment of staying in a nice place instead of a half-star youth hostel, even though he isn't a youth anymore. The bottom photo shows Margaret and Dudley enjoying their breakfast by the pool. The pool was most welcome as Marrakech was warm and we walked five or six hours a day.

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