Saturday, August 15, 2015


This is a series of random photographs taken over a period of three days traipsing around the city. We did a lot of traipsing, putting in an average of eight miles a day according to my wife's JawBone doohickey. The top photo is the Placa Reial, with Gaudi lampposts, slews of trendy restaurants and bars, and a lively street scene. It was about a five minute walk from our hotel. Next is a night shot down by the harbor with people selling all manner of tourist stuff set out on blankets on the ground. Next up are two restaurants, the second of which is Orio, where we had dinner one evening. The fifth shows Juanito, the proprietor of Pinotxo, tending to his customers at breakfast in La Boqueria. A woman on her balcony checks out the street below one morning before the heat takes over the city. An archway frames one entrance to Placa Reial. The main entrance to La Boqueria. The side of the Hotel W, a mammoth building overlooking Barcelona's beach. This was about an hour's walk from our hotel. We took a cab back.

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