Saturday, August 29, 2015

Seville Part 3

Our first night in Seville, we enjoyed an al fresco dinner and flamenco show at our hotel. The dinner was probably the worst meal we had in Spain but the show was outstanding...almost as hot as the temperature in the courtyard of the hotel. The next day we took a tour of the bullring and its museum. I used to take pictures of art in museums, but now prefer photographs of people looking at art. The restaurant La Bulla (the rooster) is where we enjoyed two great meals. We also visited a ceramics workshop/store, and I took a couple of shots of flamenco dancers before being admonished not to take pictures. In another shop I found a sculpture of Don Quixote and his pal Sancho Panza. Many shops and stores use a pull-down shutter when they are closed and they are often decorated with various artwork. A nice touch! At the bottom, especially for my friend Nigel, is a wall I liked.

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