Thursday, August 20, 2015

Food in Seville

After a relaxing three hour AVE train ride down to Seville from Madrid, we went in search of colorful markets and interesting places to eat. Actually, we waited until the next morning but that's not important. In search of lunch, we stumbled upon La Bulla. We had no idea it was featured in Rick Steves' guide to the city. Nevertheless, we enjoyed inspired cooking and excellent service. Our last night in Seville, we went in search of the same place, not realizing we had already been there. I enjoyed my shrimp cornichons and roasted chicken, while Patti ordered the calamari tatare. Both outstanding. That same morning we took a taxi to the Triana district across the river and discovered the Mercado de Triana, a covered food market that sells just about anything you could want. We had a wonderful breakfast there and then just walked around watching locals buy their food for the day.

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