Saturday, January 30, 2016

Havana: More Like the Last Post

Some more walls and doors for your viewing pleasure Nigel. These are like cat-nip for me. I noticed this trip quite a bit more actual wall art that graffiti, although there's plenty of that as well. Havana is starting to change from 2012 and our other two visits. The hotels are jam-packed, and not just for Christmas. Our favorite hotel, the Parque Centrale, is booked a year in advance. There are more tour buses around, and on our drive in from Jose Marti International, there was actual traffic, especially as we approached our hotel next to the Parque Centrale. There are not nearly enough hotel rooms in either Havana or other popular destinations, but Air BnB seems to be filling some of the void. Cubans are very entreprenurial and have jumped all over the government's loosening of restrictions on how its citizens can make money. We also made reservations at every restaurant we ate at on this trip. On December 26th, I asked for a reservation in person at a popular restaurant in Plaza de la Catedral. No luck for two weeks!

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