Saturday, January 23, 2016

Havana: A Person in the Landscape

I try to give each set of pictures I post some sort of connection with each other rather than take a willy-nilly approach. That isn't to say that each photograph is particularly effective on its own. Although I like these shots, there are some nagging problems with a few of them. I love the color in the bottom two, but I wish the feet of both people (1) were visible in the pink and blue photo and (2) not so close to the bottom of the frame in the last one. Often, I'll turn around and there's a shot that I sometimes don't have the time to perfectly compose. In the shot with the man in the red shirt and walking stick, I wasn't able to give him room to breathe as he's walking out of the frame. I was taking the background and he walked into the shot while my eye was at the viewfinder. In four of the other five photographs, the people are very small against a larger landscape. I think a person adds something against a more sterile picture of a building. All photographs taken with the Sony A 6000.

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