Saturday, January 23, 2016

Havana: Street Cinematics

Cinematics are usually taken with a wide-angle lens, in this case my Sony 10-18 which in 35mm terms means a 15-27 range of view. I straightened some of these shots and left others with some distortion, most notably the one of the people playing dominoes on the street outside their home. While I usually try to keep the subject out of the center of the photograph, I made an exception with the man running away from me on the Malecon. No reason really. I also try to keep people in the frame spread out a bit, with not too many on either side of the shot to give the photograph some balance. As I walk around the city, I have no particular place in mind to go. I just keep moving until something catches my eye, usually color or a striking building or particularly good light. With the exception of the first picture, all were taken on the streets outside the more spiffed-up Havana Vieja center. I used the Sony NEX 7 for all of these.

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