Monday, December 3, 2012

A Sense of Place

One of the key factors for me in my travel photography is to try to convey a sense of place, at least in some of the photographs. Not many US citizens have been to Cuba, so when people see pictures taken there, they are not often exactly sure of the location. For the top shot, it's a little easier to figure out where it was taken. The flag is handmade and sits outside an artist's studio. I walked by this street three or four times before turning down it to see what was there. The middle photograph is iconic Havana for me. Fishermen on the Malecon, the seaside promenade loved by all Havana residents. The bottom photograph was taken in the crumbling former mansion that now houses numerous families as well as the paladar, La Guarida, where we had just eaten. These young ladies were taking a break from a video shoot on the floor beneath La Guarida. The top two photographs taken with the Sony NEX 7, the bottom with the NEX5n and kit lens, 18-55.

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