Saturday, December 22, 2012

On The Streets of Trinidad

There is a lot of discussion on various web sites/blogs about street photography. Try as I might, I can't get my head around what exactly it is. At any rate, most of what I see is in black and white, often taken with ridiculously expensive Leicas and their even more expensive lenses. Although I like black and white, I don't see how that medium is any more "authentic" than color. There also seems to be an ongoing search for the Holy Grail of street shooting cameras and a furious discussion of what the perfect camera would be. As is to be expected, there is no clear consensus, and a lot of the talk smacks, to me, of elitism. Of these four photographs, only one was taken with any sense of stealth. For number 2 and 4, both subjects clearly knew I was taking their picture. In the top photograph, I was zoomed way out to compress the shot, and the guys walking by had no idea I was there. For the cowboy shot, I saw these guys talking, walked by them, turned around, and fired off one frame before they could change their natural poses. A couple of them glanced in my direction, I  smiled, gave a thumbs up, and walked away. I use Sony NEX cameras these days, as well as the new RX 100. Each seems perfect for this sort of photography. 

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