Saturday, December 8, 2012

Walking in Trinidad

One advantage of re-visiting a place is being forced to find different ways of showing something that is familiar to you. In the case of Trinidad, Cuba, there are only so many static photographs of walls and windows and doors to hold my interest. This summer, I attempted to include the human element, both moving and stationary, to add some context to the architecture. I would say that I was moderately successful. In the bottom photograph, for example, I should have waited maybe a second longer to squeeze the shutter to allow the man to emerge more fully into the frame. In this case, I didn't see him coming because I was using the viewfinder rather than the tilting screen. Using the screen at waist level has several advantages. One, you retain vision outside the frame and, two, you are not as obviously taking pictures when people walk through. Nonetheless, I still find the bottom picture interesting despite its flaws. At the least, he is framed by the blue door.

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