Thursday, December 20, 2012

At Home Two

I sat on the curb opposite this home in Trinidad, pretending to look down at my camera's screen, and waited for something to happen. The kids noticed me at first but then eventually turned their attention to the dog. After a few minutes, mom came out to have a look. Sony NEX7, 2012. The lovely lady in the middle is the mother of an artist living in Havana Vieja. Behind her is their combination studio/living room right off a very busy Obispo Street where we had gone to change money the morning after we arrived in Havana in 2009. My wife, Margaret, who speaks fluent Spanish, could barely understand a word the artist said, but somehow I ended up buying a pair of small paintings from him. Nikon D300. At bottom, we're back to the summer of 2012, also in Havana. A couple of children are sitting outside their home. On the wall you can see the letters "CDR," which stands for the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution. This is kind of a watchdog group found in every neighborhood in every city and town across Cuba. It happened to be the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the CDR, and one can see these letters painted on walls everywhere. There's no advertising except for political and revolutionary sloganeering. Sony NEX7

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