Thursday, April 18, 2013

Even More From Hardly Strictly

Same year, 2007. I may have gotten away from taking people pictures here simply because I got used to seeing people wearing and bringing stuff I would never think of. Take do-rags, for instance. I look at the top two guys and think, "Do you wear that around the house or to go to Safeway, or is it just an affectation for the concert?" Am I being too judgmental? Probably. But seriously, would you bring your pet fox to a place with over 100,000 people milling about? The next guy with the Panama hat and flowing scarf; is it a bad thing? Of course not. It's just not me. Ditto for the next guy who looks pretty dapper in a sports coat and, of course, a scarf. Second from bottom we see a man who sketches during the concert, this one of Richard Thompson. Good choice! Finally, we see a young man doing the Sunday Crossword, edited by Will Shortz, my favorite crossword editor. At last, "Why didn't I think of that?"

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