Sunday, April 21, 2013

Paris 1978

My first trip to Europe was in 1978 with another couple. We went for a month and haven't traveled together since. One month in a rented car with no hotels booked or a specific itinerary makes for disagreements and bickering after a while. It was my first extended photographic endeavor and, for the most part, a dismal failure artistically. I took 40 rolls of 36 exposure Kodak slide film, 50 ASA. It probably cost me around $500 to get them developed, a princely sum for me in those days. I then proceeded to bore numerous friends with slide shows! I was (still am) the world's worst editor. Nothing was thrown out. Every photograph made its way into the slide carousel. Oh, the horror! At least we fed our friends before subjecting them to "the show." I would estimate that of the 1400 frames I exposed that month, I am not embarrassed by about 15 or so. The rest are the result of having no clue about photography, being too excited about being in Europe, and just shooting without rhyme or reason. When Photoshop came out, I was able to revisit some of the shots. I got enamored with filters and applied the Sponge filter often, like in the top and bottom photographs. I believe I was using the Nikon FM or FM2 but my memory is hazy.

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