Sunday, May 5, 2013

Calvin Murray, Anchorage, 1990

This photograph was taken in late June, just after the Summer Solstice. When I think back to my summers in
Anchorage, I can remember sitting in the dugout after games and sipping a cold one with the other coaches and marveling at the unbelievable quality of light around 11 pm. I sometimes pulled my camera out of my bag and took pictures. Shown here is Calvin Murray, just after his freshman year at the University of Texas. Out of high school, Calvin was the number one draft pick of the Cleveland Indians but decided to go to Texas instead. We were fortunate to get him up to Alaska to play with the Bucs for two summers before he began his professional career with the San Francisco Giants. Not only a great player, Calvin is a wonderful individual and we have remained friends to this day. He currently works as an agent with the Scott Boros Corporation, and I get to see him about once a year when he rolls into Stanford to see some new hot shot player.

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