Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The RX 100 in Action

I'm finding more and more opportunities to take the tiny Sony RX 100 places where I don't want to bring anything that won't fit into my pocket. Despite the relatively small size of my NEX cameras, their little brother  does a great job, within reason. It doesn't have the reach, for one thing. Both sports photography and wedding photography require telephoto lenses, so you just have to make do. For the top two photographs, I only needed to get one player to complete the collection of seniors this season. One portrait, one game shot. The in-game pictures are usually shot with my 18-200 on a NEX 7 body, but I'm perfectly happy with the wider angle look. It's more dramatic for one thing. I shot it at 1/500, slower than usual, but it worked. For the wedding of Tim and Sophia, I sat in the back row despite my wife's mild protestations. I just tried to stay out of the professionals' way and get a few candids for my friends Sue and Nigel. The groomsmen, coincidentally, are all former students of mine and it was great to see them. More than once I realized how glad I am I don't have to do wedding photography for a living. It's very hard work and takes a special skill set to do it well. In this case, working with the extreme contrast was difficult, so I had to let the background do what it wanted, which was to blow out for the most part. Oh well, a beautiful day, an even more beautiful bride, a lucky husband, an incredible venue, wonderful food, and an outstanding DJ (Alvin). 

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